• Mrs. Kulesa’s Syllabus – 2015/2016

    World History/World Geography (9th grade)

    US Government (11th grade)

    US History (10th grade)

    Street Law




    -You will need a notebook for this class, as we will take quite a few notes during the year. I am trying to prepare you for college, so get used to listening and writing at the same time, in order to get all of the notes.

    -If you are gone… Ask a friend for their notes! The class notes are your most useful tool when studying for a test. I write the tests with the notes in mind. USE YOUR NOTES TO STUDY!!

    -COME PREPARED for class every day. This would include your notebook, textbook, assignment and a writing utensil (not a red pen).  


    -You have PLENTY of time to get to each class. If you arrive after the bell, you are tardy and this will be indicated on your attendance.

    -If you need to use the bathroom, bring your books into class and THEN ask to use the bathroom. Do not just go and assume that I know where you were or you will be counted tardy;(

    -When the second bell rings, I expect you to be sitting down in your desk and ready to learn. I shouldn’t have to come into class and ask you to be seated.


    -You will have homework in every one of my classes.

    -Homework will vary from reading sections, section summaries, worksheets, projects, reports, etc. I will try to give “some” class time to start on the homework, and for many of you this will be enough time to complete the assignments, and for others this will offer a great opportunity to ask questions, and get any needed help (from me).

    -You will not be allowed to use this time to visit with your friends or sleep. Any sleeping in class will result in an after school detention in order to make up the time that was missed during class—no exceptions!

    -My late work policy will follow the school’s late work policy and can be found in the student handbook.

    -All assigned homework is due at the beginning of class. If you chose to turn it in at the end of class, it will be counted as late.

    -Homework from an absence shall be done according to school policy.

    -Remember: If you are absent for a school related function, the homework is due the next day.

    -There will also be opportunities to earn extra credit. These points are small points, so don’t count on these points to raise your grade significantly.

    -Extra Credit Philosophy: It is here to help, but not to save, and it is for everyone! (Even those students with an “A”.)


    -I will follow the school’s cheating policy. Please make yourself aware of this policy.

    -Remember, if you give your work to someone and they get caught, you TOO will be cited for cheating. Sorry, but that is the way it is, so be sure to ask yourself if it is really worth it…

    Grading Scale:

    -I follow the school’s grading scale.

    -Grades are made up of various daily work, quizzes, tests, etc.

    -Grades are posted Thursday night. If you NEED to be passing for eligibility – DON’T wait until Friday to worry. That is too late.



    Cell Phone Use:

    -I am still very “old school” and believe that cell phones should be used in case of an emergency, so with that, I will enforce the school’s cell phone policy to the greatest length in this classroom. This policy can be found in the student handbook.


    • RESPECT – I ask that you respect others. This includes the materials in this room, teachers, students, and especially substitute teachers.
    • NO FOOD – There will be absolutely no food, candy, pop, coffee/cappuccino, or anything else you can think of in this room. I do allow water, Gatorade, and gum unless it becomes a problem.  If you didn’t have time to eat breakfast…Get up earlier or talk to your coach J
    • OFF LIMITS – The area behind my desk is off limits to students.
    • SEATING – When you come in to class, sit down by filling up the desks in the front. If a seating chart is required, I will assign you a seat.
    • HELP OUT – My classes are very large, so you need to help out. Help out by keeping your area clean. Keep your fringes to yourself and not the floor. Also, help out by being quiet! With the larger class sizes comes more noise, but let’s keep it down.


    **My door is always open. If you have any questions or concerns, please come and see me, unless I am in class… I wouldn’t want to cause you any unnecessary stress, so please stop in and talk to me.