• Current World Issues
    Plan of Study

    Rationale: This elective course is offered to emphasize important state, national, and international events. Students will discuss and analyze the major news events of the day. Grades will be determined by the successful completion of course requirements. These will include weekly quizzes, weekly Current Events journal entries, and daily article summaries.

    Course Objectives:
    - Students will understand and explain the significance and importance of state, national, and international current events and follow those stories to their conclusions.
    - Students will be able to identify and summarize key parts of a story after reading and/or watching a news article/program.
    - Students will analyze and evaluate important current issues and defend their opinions with evidence.
    - Students will make connections between current events and concepts from the various subjects they have studied in school and learn how past and present events can shape the future.
    - Students will be able to make connections between current events and their own daily lives, including how these current events affect their lives and lessons to be learned from the current events.
    - Students will be able to effectively communicate their ideas and opinions both orally and through writing.

    Outline of Course Content:
    **Due to the fact that the news is always changing, the possible curriculum study may include, but is not limited to the following:
    1. Local and State Issues – Students will examine the Aberdeen American New for state and local current events to analyze (Wednesday). Students will also attend local meetings to stay current on local issues (one per semester).
    2. National Issues – Students will examine the news and UPFRONT magazine for national issues (M, Tu, Th, F).
    3. International Issues – Students will examine the news and UPFRONT magazine for international issues (M, Tu, Th, F).


    Assessment Tools:
    1. Current Events notebook – This designated notebook will be handed in each Friday, in order to be graded. Each student will be required to write down two current events each day. Each event is worth five points each, for a total of 10 points daily. Each current events entry must identify and summarize the key points of the event (who, what, where, when, why), the student must defend any opinions they refer to with evidence, the student must make a connection to how the current event relates to either school or their daily lives, and this must all be done in proper English and communicated effectively. Each entry will be graded on a 1-5 scale. The current events will be taken from CNN Student News and also from the Aberdeen American News, which will be used on Wednesdays.
    2. Weekly Quizzes – On Friday of each week, their will be a teacher-made quiz that will cover the current events that were discussed during that week. Questions may also be derived from the UPFRONT magazine and also the Aberdeen American News. It is YOUR responsibility to keep current with the events. If you are gone, please remember to watch CNN Student News online.
    3. UPFRONT Article Review Summaries – Each student will read the assigned article and write a one-page summary over the article. This summary must also include the student’s opinion and other thoughts about the assigned article. These summaries will be randomly shared with the class the following day and graded.
    4. Issue Homework Assignments – Students will occasionally be assigned homework dealing with a controversial issue. This homework will require them to interview four other people and get their opinions on the issue. Then the student will write a one page essay explaining the issue, the opinions of the four people interviewed, and their opinion and why they have that opinion.
    5. Meetings – In order to stay “up-to-date” with events happening locally, students are required to attend one local meeting each semester. Examples of meetings are School Board, City Council, County Commissioners, Trail Days Committee, Commercial Club, and Lion’s Club. Each student will receive 50 points for attending the meeting and then an additional 50 points for a one-page summary of the meeting.
    6. Semester Tests – Each semester there will be a final exam, which will be based upon: Vocabulary words and major news events that took place during that semester (review from the SMART boards).

    -CNN Student News
    -UPFRONT Magazine
    -Aberdeen American News

    Grading Scale:
    -The grading scale will be that of the school’s grading scale.
    -Daily work will be worth 50% of the total grade.
    -Tests and quizzes will be worth the other 50% of the total grade.

    What makes a GREAT current event?

    1. Date each event! This way you and I will know which days you missed and how many events you will need to make-up.

    2. Watch the news. As you are watching, write down two events that seemed interesting to you. If you didn’t understand the event or some of the information, do not use that event. Pick another one. Leave some space between your events in order to write more information when the news is over.

    3. When you are done watching the news and you have two events written down, you will need to add the following:

    a. Make sure you have identified and summarized the key points of the event.
    b. Give your opinion about the event and any evidence to support your opinion.
    c. Make a connection with how this event relates to either school or your daily life.

    4. Do not forget to use proper English and grammar!!