Materials Needed:

                Notebook or loose paper in a binder

                Pencil and eraser

                Pens (for correcting only)




                Students will come to class prepared with necessary materials.

                Students will complete all class work in pencil in order to receive credit

                Students who miss class are responsible to get their make-up work and assignments.

                Students are expected to arrange help as needed before an assignment is due.

                Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.



                Students will be assessed using the following percentages.


                            TESTS                         55%

                            QUIZZES                     30%

                            HOMEWORK               15%


    Late assignments may still be completed for half credit up until the chapter test. 



                If you are caught cheating you will receive a zero for that assignment, quiz, or test.



                No extra-credit assignments will be given.  Bonus questions may be given on tests and quizzes.


     No food, pop, coffee, or candy in my classroom.


    The grade scale in the handbook is as following:

                A                     93-100

                B                     86-92.9

                C                     78-85.9

                D                     70-77.9

                F                      Below 70


    Contact Information:


    I will be available before and after school and SRP if students need any help.