• apple snack Preschool Snack Time

    The student’s name on the calendar is in charge of bringing snack for the class on that given day.  Please bring forks, spoons, bowls, or other items if needed for your snack.  The children drink water for snack.  You may bring a drink to share if you choose.  The school will always provide the cups and napkins.
    Remember that snack items should be nutritious.   Students may bring a non-healthy snack for their birthday or holiday treat!  Please have snack items individually packed so they are ready to pass out to each child.

    If you cannot bring snack on the day that you are listed, please talk to me ahead of time and we can make other arrangements.


     Junior Kindergarten Snack Time

     The school will provide a nutritious snack for the children each afternoon. Students may bring a non-healthy treat for their birthday or holiday.