High School Information

  • Following are some of the items that occur at each grade in high school.  Also, when necessary, websites for further information are listed.  The most important resource that helps with most every aspect of being in high school is:  http://sdmylife.com.


    • GPA - be sure you check your GPA (grade point average) often.  This will go far when you are ready to graduate and are applying for scholarships and registering for college.
    • Honor roll - Students need to keep grades up; that will earn honors each quarter.
    • Graduation requirements - know what classes you need to earn graduation.  This includes knowing what it takes to be a Regent Scholar.
    • In preparation for your graduation, the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) will be used.  This can be found at sdmylife.com.


    • GPA, Honor Roll, Graduation requirements, PLP - the same as Freshmen - learn and be familiar with each and what is needed.
    • In November, you will do the Ability Profiler where you answer an interest inventory and then take 6 short aptitude tests.  Results are combined and you discover your top career choices.  This is a valuable tool if you use it.  Again, this will be done through sdmylife.com.
    • Also in November, the Aspire test will be offered.  This is an ACT product and is done online.  This is like a pre-ACT test to determine your levels of college and career readiness.  If you plan to take the ACT test as a junior consider taking this test.  It will be your choice and it is free to you.  Signing up is required.
    • PSAT is a test that is offered to students as sophomores/juniors that have 3.5 GPA or better.  This is an optional test that costs $15 and is Nationally scheduled for Wed, Oct 19th or that Saturday.  Signing up is required.


    • GPA, Honor Roll, Graduation requirements, PLP - same as Freshmen and Sophomores - learn and be familiar with each and what is needed.
    • The beginning of the year, juniors will do the Smarter Balanced Interim tests.  Scores aren't recorded like in the spring but this gives students practice in taking the spring test and to understand more of what it takes to complete the SBAC spring test.
    • October 6th we go to post high planning.  That's where we go to the Barnett Center and talk with college representatives.  It's a great opportunity to visit and get questions answered about what colleges offer and what they can provide you in your field of interest.
    • Also in October, you will take the ASVAB test.  This is a great tool to show your ability level and then, also your interests when it is interpreted.
    • PSAT is offered again to those individuals that have at least a 3.5 GPA and have an interest in taking it.  It is optional.
    • Juniors are allowed to go on college visits.  As long as students alert the school, get homework done and have parents sign, you are allowed 2 visits in the 2nd semester.
    • Smarter Balanced and DakotaSTEP science testing occurs in the spring.
    • The April ACT test is considered by some as the junior test.  This date is when most juniors take it.  Preparation, details and information is posted in the commons and inn the counselor office.  Registration can be done at http://actstudent.org
    • Dual Credit with any of our Regental Colleges in the state is a great option.  More discussion is needed to explore this option.  Stop in and talk about what it includes.


    • See all the above information.  Read through it to ensure that you know and understand what is needed from you for this last year of high school.  This is your busy year.  The more time and energy spent on preparing and staying on top of what is needed the easier it will be to maintain your GPA, your schedule and, most of all, your sanity!
    • At the beginning of the year, we will go over, individually, your plans, transcript, ACT, and any other information that will help you along your decision-making this last year here.
    • Consider taking the ACT again.  Tests are in October, December, February and April...
    • If you've not decided on colleges, plan to visit them.  Take notes and know what each can offer you.  Cut your list down to 2 or 3 colleges in the fall; by spring, down to 1 or 2.
    • College sports - if you are interested, be sure to sign up with NCAA or NAIA.  More information can be found at http://eligibilitycenter.org
    • Great Lakes will be here to help with your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in October.  A lab will also be done from 4-7 pm so that parents can come and help students with this process.
    • In November, you will take the NCRC (National Career Readiness Certificate) to determine your employability levels.  This is a wonderful tool that you take with you and show future employers that, yes, in fact, you can do the work you set out to do.
    • Continue with Dual Credit goals this last year!
    • In the flurry of the last couple months here, you will take a senior survey and receive your cumulative file from all of your years here; very nostalgic!


    Students, by NO means is this an exhaustive list of items you will be working on.  Nor is this ALL that I can help you with.  Listen to daily announcements, read your emails and just keep your eyes and ears open to all that is available to you as you prepare for your future.  At any time, feel comfortable contacting Mrs. Goetz to help you.  I am here for you when it comes to social and academic needs.


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