• The   Tiger 20   Reading Program

    How it works:
    • Read 20 minutes every day for 5 days for a total of 100 minutes each week
    • Monday, turn in your reading log
    • 100 minutes = 1 punch
    • 1 punch = $1.00 in Tiger Bucks
    • Spend your "Tiger Bucks" at the Elementary Tiger 20 store once a week
    • Save your "Tiger Bucks" from week to week in order to buy a larger priced items
       Why Read 20 Minutes at Home?Tiger 20 pic
      • Reading is "brain food".  Reading provides one of the most enriching and complex brain activities in life.

      • Reading improves listening, language, and vocabulary skills.

      • Reading prepares children for kindergarten.

      • Practice makes perfect.  Just like many things in life, the more time you spend reading the better you will be.

      • Reading together improves relationships.

      • If your student reads 20 minutes at home each day, he/she will read 3600 minutes or 1,800,00 words in a school year.  By the end of 6th grade, the student will have read the equivalent of 60 whole days.