• Ipswich Public School Profile


     The District

    The Ipswich School District serves a 535 square mile area with a $600 million tax base. Over 400 students are served Pre-K through 12th grade, including three Hutterite communities, each with an attendance center. Contracted district buses travel approximately 675 miles on regular routes each day and transport 180 of the district's students to the Ipswich attendance center. The State of South Dakota and the Advanc-Ed accredit the Ipswich School System. Parental involvement is encouraged in many ways such as: Parent/Teacher Organization, co-curricular booster clubs and summer activity booster clubs.

     Major strengths of the Ipswich School District include: K-12 Advanc-Ed accreditation-currently the district is in process of the accreditation cycle; a 12.8 -1 student teacher ratio; a 0% dropout rate at the central attendance center; and a strong staff development program. The district has quality educational facilities including: a 1971 elementary classrooms and gymnasium addition, 1977 industrial tech.-wrestling-weight room addition, 2000 Middle School classrooms, vocal music, and instrumental music addition and 2015 High School addition, including 7 High School classrooms, K-12 Library, auxilary gym and 500 seat Performing Arts Theatre. In 2007 an upgrade of the track and football complex was completed in 2009 Smart Boards were installed in each classroom throughout the district. 

    The school district maintains up-to-date: teaching materials, supplies and technology hardware and software to support the efforts of the dedicated, highly qualified and student-oriented teaching staff. The teaching and support staff are a blend younger people and seasoned professionals who provide quality programs in a safe, attractive and supportive environment.

    Additional offerings include: strong programs of art and co-curricular activities including: the full spectrum of boys and girls athletics, drama, instrumental and vocal music.  Currently, all students in grades 6-12 are each given a laptop computer to use each day for their daily studies.

    Board of Education

    The Board of Education consists of five members who are elected to serve three (3) year terms. The incumbency of the board members ranges three to fifteen years. The board recognizes the importance of community involvement in the operation of the school. To this end, board policies encourage stakeholders to express their ideas, concerns and in general become active partners in the education of their children.


    Name                             Occupation

    Carol Pond  .................. Ag Business

    Justin Davis ................. Board Chairman Ag Business

    Kathy Bauer ................ Education/Retired

    Todd Hettich ................ Aerospace/Defense Industry

    Tadd Thorson ............... Anesthetist



    Transportation: Tadd Thorson & Justin Davis

    Grounds: Justin Davis & Todd Hettich

    Extra-Curricular: Tadd Thorson & Justin Davis 

    Strategic Planning: Todd Hettich & Carol Pond

    Policy Review: Kathy Bauer & Carol Pond