Youth Football Letter

My name is Dan Knust and I am the MS/HS Principal, Activities Director & coach at Ipswich Public School District. 
I am excited to continue the youth football program in our community! I am hoping this letter answers a few questions 
for you as well as gets you excited for this coming season! This football team will NOT have anything to do with the 
Ipswich Public School District and the only affiliating with the school will be the use of the football field. 
A few years ago, we had around 10 Ipswich students play football through the ‘YMCA’ in Aberdeen. The cost to 
play in Aberdeen was $100. After driving to Aberdeen 2-3 nights per week we thought it made sense if we could keep our money local and allow our players to play on the same team (they were split up onto different teams in Aberdeen). I will try and give you a breakdown of what the season may look like. 

- Practice will begin on (or near) August 21st. 
- We will try and have practices on Sunday evenings when possible
- We will try and play 2-4 games against other teams in the area (North Central & Leola/Frederick). We also 
play at halftime of home varsity games in Ipswich. This year we will also play at halftime of the Sept. 24th
football game at Dacotah Bank Stadium at Northern State University (our varsity plays Leola/Frederick that 
- Games would be full contact (tackle football). 
- No rules as to who has to play on the line and who can/can't run the ball. 
- This year we will not have the 6th grade practice with us as it becomes too much for them to do MS 
practice/games and Youth FB. 
- A waiver will be signed so that the Ipswich youth football team would not be reliable for injuries. 
- Our coaches that plan to help are experienced in coaching and have had training on proper football 
techniques and safe tackling techniques. 

We will ask for a $20 payment for equipment this season from all players. Most of our equipment has a 10 year 
lifespan and we need to build up some funds to be able to replace the equipment when that time comes.
We are also looking at starting up the youth flag football for Jr. Kindergarten- 2nd grade students. Practices will 
take place on Sunday afternoon/evenings as well and games will take place at halftime of each home varsity football contest. Flag football would be free. We do ask that if parents have football knowledge that they help with practices. 

Dan Knust
cell (605-690-2132)
email ([email protected]