•       Ipswich School Rules by Settings




    Hall Rules

    Commons/Playground Rules

    Locker Room/ Restroom Rules


    1.       Walk quietly

    2.       Listen and follow instructions the first time

    1.       Keep hands/belongings to yourself

    2.       Use positive talk, tone and actions

    3.       Include others

    1.       Use positive talk, tone and actions

    2.       Honor others’ privacy and belongings

    Obey Safety Rules

    1.       Arrive in class

    2.       Keep hands/belongings to yourself

    3.       Keep walking toward your destination

    1.       Line up promptly

    2.       Stay in designated areas

    1.       Enter and exit quickly; return to class promptly


    Active Learner

    1.       Gather your supplies

    2.       Choose your positive attitude

    1.       Follow directions/instructions

    2.       Show good sportsmanship

    3.       Participate everyday



    1.       Walk on right hand side

    2.       Use direct route

    3.       Be on time for all classes

    1.       Bring seasonally appropriate clothes

    2.       Use equipment appropriately

    3.       Take turns

    4.       Dress according to dress code

    1.       Keep belongings in locker

    2.       Report unclean or unsafe conditions to gym teacher, coach and/or administration

    3.       Leave school equipment in designated areas