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Summer Workouts

June 8th-15th - Phase one-

No more than 10 students in a group at the Athletic Complex for workouts. No basketball, volleyballs, football or track and field equipment will be used during this time. Coaches will take groups of athletes (no more than 10 athletes) to work on different types of agility and acceleration exercises. We will have two different time slots available; 6:30am & 7:30am


June 15th - Phase Two -- 6:30am & 7:30am

Athletes will meet coaches at the ATHLETIC COMPLEX. Athletes will need to bring their own WATER bottle to the track as we will not be using the hydration station. Students in grades 6th-12th are invited to attend. Sessions will be nearly one hour in length and will occur on MONDAY, Wednesday & THURSDAY mornings.


We are planning to start sport-specific activities with coaches on June 15th.

Remember this is completely voluntary and students feeling ill or having an above-average temperature will NOT be allowed to participate in activities.


There will be NO ACCELERATION with Coach Thorson this summer.


Please contact your coaches with any questions!!!!


Starting this week (June 15th) the gymnasium will be open to 9th-12th grade athletes. We are hoping to add 6th-8th grade students after July 1st. The head coaches will be sending out messages as to specific times the gymnasiums will be open. 9th-12th grade athletes (with guardians) are able to come in to use the facility if they contact Mr. Knust to make sure the gym is available (you will be expected to clean all areas you have touched).


No drinking fountains, make sure to bring your own water bottle.
Athletes should wash your clothes after every session.
Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the main door as you enter the school (only the main entrance will be open).
Athletes will have their temperature taken as they enter the gymnasium.
No locker room use
If you or a family member has been sick... STAY HOME
We will have a place for 'clean basketballs/volleyballs' and 'used basketballs/volleyballs'.
Do your best to only touch your basketball/volleyball at this time.