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8th Grade Computers

All middle school homework can be done at home on personal computers.


The websites we use are:


Type to Learn can also be done at home, step by step instructions to install can be found here at the bottom of this page.


If students are having any problems or need assistance, I am at the school at 7:45am each day to help students.

Please feel free to email me with questions, comments or concerns: [email protected]



8th Grade Computers

In 8th Grade Computers, we will be an online educational medium to help reduce the use of paper. Schoology

The MS computers department recently had 5 android tablets donated to it. This year we will explore the many uses of the tablet and create an appropriate use policy.


Some topices that we will cover in this class are as follows:

Internet Use & Saftey Policy


Microsoft Office


Ipad Use

Android Tablet Use

Movie Maker

Type to Learn