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About Board Meetings

  The Ipswich Public School District 22-6 is governed by a five-member board.  The Board meets in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month.  Meetings, which are open to the public, are held in the board room of the Administration Building.  Special meetings are scheduled as necessary.  To speak before the Board, call Robin Wolff, business manager, at (605) 426-6561.

As a taxpayer and citizen, you are a stockholder in the public school system.  The Ipswich Public Schools operates under the laws of South Dakota and the policies set down by the District 22-6 Board of Education.  As members of the Ipswich Board of Education, we encourage you to attend board meetings, keep informed about public school issues, and express your views on matters concerning Ipswich Public School. 

  • To Address the Board:  Your presence and participation are encouraged at board meetings.  Contact the businiss manager at (605) 426-6561 to schedule to speak about items on the agenda/Patrons are welcome to address the board without prior notice.  However, board actions are limited to those items on the printed agenda.
  • Board Meeting Agendas:  Agendas for upcoming meetings of the Board are posted on the main entrance window of the school prior to meetings.  After the meeting, the agenda and minutes will be available online.
  • Public Hearings:  Board members encourage public involvement and will listen to citizens' views and problems concerning school district matters.  Patrons are asked first to go through regular school channels.  This may include a visit with the child's teacher and the principal.  Most problems are resolved at the campus level.  If a problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, then you may bring the matter to the attention of the superintendant.  The school board is the final level of appeal in the school district. The Board meets privately in executive session to discuss personnel matters, land acquisition, student hearings, and to consult with legal cousel.  Complaints about specific employees must be handled in executive session in accordance with state law unless the employee requests that the complaint be heard publicly.
  • Board Elections:  Board members are elected at large for three-year terms. Board elections are held the third week in June in odd-numbered years. Board members serve staggered terms so the there are always experienced members on the board.